As a Graphic Designer I have the ability to create visually appealing artwork to suit any decor. I love the challenge of creating new designs in different colourways and styles, and get so much enjoyment out of this free and creative process.

Graphic Design for clients in business is very different to designing for self-expression. The act of self-expression in art gives me such a feeling of satisfaction and pride which is why I decided to create some special pieces – the added benefit being that they could be sold as a product line and an added revenue stream.

Vintage Floral Alphabet and Number posters
Vintage Floral Alphabet and Number posters
Vintage Floral Name Poster
Vintage Floral Name Poster

The Vintage Floral Nursery Range was born mostly out of a desire to create a tranquil sleeping space for my young son Hunter.

As any new parent knows, sleep is key when you have a new baby. We cannot underestimate how much of a role environmental factors like light and colour play in allowing those tiny little bodies to achieve restful sleep.

Colour therapy tells us that different colour hues can invoke a wide range of moods, with bold colours being stimulating and soft pastels being calm and soothing.

The Vintage Florals Nursery Range features intricate floral patterns and wonderfully subtle pastels, aiming to help you create a tranquil haven in your child’s room. Decorating in this way not only benefits your baby, but you as a parent as well – as you spend a lot of time in the bedroom changing nappies, feeding baby and trying to get them to sleep.

The product range includes Bunting, Alphabet & Number Posters, Animal Posters, Personalised Name Posters, Height Charts, Flash Cards, Gift Cards & Wall Decals – all of which are printed on high quality archival papers and hand-finished.



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