As a Graphic Designer I have the ability to create visually appealing artwork and print  designs to suit any decor or purpose. I love the challenge of creating new items in different colourways and styles, and get so much enjoyment out of this free and creative process of self-expression. For me, art should be meaningful, which is why my favourite things are those which have been personalised in some way.

A cause that is really important to me is Mental Health Awareness & Support, so I decided to donate 25% of my profits from sales of my Mindfulness Mandala Colouring Book to Beyond Blue. I was so proud to discover that over $1500 was raised.

This book has also helped marginalised women in Nepal to experience moments of calm, happiness, curiousity and flow through Connect with Compassion and the Seven Women Foundation. In co-ordination with the director Anita, they complete mindful colouring sessions, meditation and stretch classes so that all women cared for there will have the best opportunity for good health. These are women who have had many, many difficulties in life. They may have been born disabled, married young and then abandoned, or have been victims of domestic violence or destitution.

Visitors there can experience a pay it forward approach, of getting one book for themselves and one for each of these women. They are so appreciative of the gift.

Click here to download a FREE digital version of the colouring book for your tablet or device, or to print and colour it at home. 

Contact Me & Em today if you’re looking for unique artwork for your decor or project.

Mindfulness Mandala Colouring Book
Mindfulness Mandala Colouring Book
Mindfulness Mandala Colouring book
Mandala 052
Hand Gilded Copper Mandala
Mandala_Panorama 3
Set of 4 Hand Gilded Copper Mandalas
nursery range 043
Vintage Floral Alphabet and Number posters
nursery range 020
Vintage Floral Name Poster
nursery range 011
Vintage Floral Alphabet Poster
flash cards NEW 009
Vintage Floral Flash cards
flash cards NEW 001
Vintage Floral Flash cards


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